Category: SERVICES


At ACT SA we consider as our top priority to provide a high level of technical and after sales support to our Clients, in order to achieve a continuous and proper functioning of the software programs that we supply them with.

In this context, our after sales support department offers comprehensive software maintenance and support services covering our software applications. Within the objectives of this department is the continuous development of innovative support services, aiming at the fullest and most effective use of our software products by our customers. Also, this department is responsible for the training of all clients’ users in exploiting our products’ capabilities to their fullest extend.

Our technical support includes the following basic services:

A Provision of new and improved application versions (new releases) or updated versions that are to comply with new legislative developments or provide improvements and add new functionalities to the existing software applications, as well as general technical improvements that focus on new application debugging.

B Support to users via telephone or other communication methods or technical interventions on our software applications, aiming at supporting a smooth daily operation of the programs installed in our clients’ businesses.

Support services are specified as follows:

C C. Provision of additional support services, which are considered as extra services and may relate to: