Πρωτοποριακό e-shop Ανταλλακτκών το οποίο διαθέτει πολλαπλή , γρήγορη , εύκολη και φιλική για το χρήστη μέθοδο αναζήτησης, αλλά και εμφάνιση διαθεσιμότητας ,τιμής και κωδικών



The Auto Parts e-shop application by ACT SA is a comprehensive and highly competitive electronic shop designed for parts & accessories distributor and retailer companies, supporting both wholesale and retail sales projects.

Search and Results:

The installation of the e-Shop System includes a setup platform in a Server, adaptation of the original data and account activation. A summary of the application functions is as follows:

  • Eurotax data base Search Engine
  • Parts Search Engine on Special Categories
  • Search results display, based on given criteria and sorted according to our preferences
  • Display of availability on parts
  • Display of product prices based on internet price policies
  • Display of product specifications, graphs and pictures
  • Ability to define correlated products ("you may be interested also in...") and accessories (you may also need ……)

Display & Upload Management

  • Ability to use templates for interface design
  • Ability to manage the position of various modules in the page
  • Ability to manage the e-shop through WEB environment
  • Ability to import manually items/prices etc using admin interface.
  • Ability to change manually item characteristics.
  • Ability to associate tags to the items
  • Ability to add automatically a watermark to all pictures uploaded
  • Ability to define virtual promo packs (revision kits), new item not being in ERP
  • Standard Operation in two languages Greek / English (translations of the content in any other language can be arranged).

Search Engine Optimization

  • Supports product ratings, product comments, testimonials (moderated), with user warning on new comments on email
  • Ability to define the SEO fields for each item (Meta title, meta tags, etc)
  • Ability to display different modules like: latest products, top sales (by current category or generic), etc
  • Ability to display number of items sold
  • Ability to insert various links, HTML boxes, social media (F, T, etc) plugins etc

Sales – Payments – Administration

  • Capability to add part quantities to a shopping basket
  • Shopping basket management with costs, quantities, VAT, offers and delivery costs
  • Order creation and part purchase
  • Ability to define discounts for a period
  • E-Shop members archive with online registration and confirmation e-mail procedure
  • Multiple contact & delivery address archive that enables shipment to a different than the invoice address
  • Monitoring of orders’ history and deliveries by user
  • Ability to pay by credit card with an automatic e-payment interface and communication with the respective bank payment systems.
  • User account management
  • Ability to define customer order statuses (example: On-line payment accepted)
  • Ability to inform customer when order status is changed
  • Ability to handle different user roles (eg retail customers, Administrator, users)
  • Registration of User Profiles
  • Enhanced info on user data: sex, birth date, location, ID no (CNP), last visit, referral site, messages posted, orders
  • Shipping cost management according to Courier’s tariff.
  • Ability to add configurable plugins for Carriers (courier charge)
  • Ability to charge transportation by value or by weight
  • Ability to pick up from store (as delivery method)
  • Ability to send mail with the order to customer and user


  • Through a series of strategic moves & partnerships, always backed by our strong technical expertise, we invested in the development of innovative software applications, exclusively tailored to the business requirements of the automotive market.

    The flexibility of our applications, combined with our consistency, reliability and experience, has led the majority of the largest companies in the Greek market, to have entrusted the organization of business in the ACT.

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