"ACT INFORMATION SYSTEMS – CONSULTING SA" was initially founded in 1988, operating in its present form since 1995. The company is based in Athens, with branches also located in the cities of Thessaloniki and Corinth. In the 26 years of its presence, ACT has established itself as the largest domestic developer and provider of integrated software solutions to the Greek Automotive Market (Vehicle Importers and Dealers, Service Shops, Auto Parts Importers and Distributors).

Over 1400 Greek companies in the automotive sector are using ACT’S Software for their dynamic organization and operation, among which are the entire distribution networks of VW Group Hellas - Kosmocar, Citroen Hellas, Peugeot – Lion Group Hellas, Honda – Mitsubishi Sarakakis Bros etc. ACT SA has also developed web-shop platforms specializing in B2B and B2C sales of auto parts, as well as Software Systems specializing in the Automotive Recycling Sector, focusing in the dismantling of the End of Life Cycle Vehicles, the codification of their components and the warehousing and sales of the used auto parts.

ACT’s ambition is to remain the leader in its field, setting always higher goals and new visions. Based on its extensive experience in software applications and its highly trained human resources, ACT SA seeks to continue to expand in the field of innovative applications and integrated solutions, in order to assist its clients to upgrade their organization procedures, by adapting modern business operational concepts in the Automotive Market.

ACT’s objectives are progressing along two lines:

  • Maintain and improve the company’s leadership achieved domestically.
  • Expand the company's activities to foreign countries (mainly to the Balkans), whose automotive enterprises (Vehicle Dealers, Repair Shops and Part Vendors), are eager to adapt dynamic administrative automation systems.

Basic criteria for achieving these goals are:

  • ACT’s skilled and continuously trained human resources
    • 30 employees, consisting of analysts, software developers, support technicians, and systems automation and organization consultants, with extensive experience and knowledge in their field of expertise. The languages used in our development are mainly Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Visual Basic, C#.NET, VB.NET, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Transact-SQL and Xaml.
  • The integration of cutting edge technology and modern concepts in software development, marketing promotions and sales.
  • The flexibility of ACT’s applications, their performance and security, combined with ACT’s consistency, reliability and experience.
    • The software products retain their basic structure and are being upgraded along with the expansion of the client company adapting them.
  • ACT’s excellent technical support.
    • Well-trained technicians with many years of knowhow, provide either an online (through the call center) technical support or an onsite immediate solution to all clients’ problems.
  • ACT’s focus in maintaining high quality standards.
    • ACT products and services quality conform to ISO 9001 quality standards.

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  • Through a series of strategic moves & partnerships, always backed by our strong technical expertise, we invested in the development of innovative software applications, exclusively tailored to the business requirements of the automotive market.

    The flexibility of our applications, combined with our consistency, reliability and experience, has led the majority of the largest companies in the Greek market, to have entrusted the organization of business in the ACT.

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