Search Engine Optimization applied in the e-Shop modules developed by ACT


The e-Shop modules developed by ACT are developed to ensure the best possible user experience. This is achieved mainly by avoiding switching pages and by changing dynamically and directly only the parts of the page that pertain solely to the actions of the user.

The incorporation of SEO in these pages is intended not only to maintain the user experience undiminished, with respect to the speed and appearance, but if possible to improve this experience even more. At the same time, it aims to provide similar quality "experience" throughout the search engine robots, in order to include as many pages as possible with as many details as possible on the results of these search engines (Google mostly). Below, a brief description of how we achieved these goals is provided:

Displayed to the User

The SEO mechanism is only activated when the program understands that it is called by the search engine robots. Therefore, the communication with the actual user is not burdened, no matter how long it lasts.

Instead, the user now benefits from the "pretty URLs", that is by the descriptive titles that appear at the top of the page, describing the model of the vehicle and the replacement part selected. The description is changed immediately along with any change of vehicle model or replacement part selection by the user. These titles are important for the proper SEO functionality, but at the same time and at a glance, they provide information on the current e-Shop options. Also, they enable any automatic return to the specific options, whether this is a direct "one step back" or a return after a long absence. They also enable a “send out” to others who will see exactly what the user sees.

Displayed to the robots

The search engine robot starts from one of the above URLs and calls the relevant page of the e-Shop with the vehicle model options (and replacement parts) described therein. The e-Shop returns the relevant data page that will appear in the searches. At the same time it delivers the links that will lead it to call and store the next pages. The pages that follow the URL of a model are those that describe the categories of spare parts attached to it and the next ones are the pages that describe these parts. So the robot is involved in searching and storing thousands of pages that describe and correlate all vehicle makes and models to all the auto parts offered by the company / dealership running the e-shop.

At the same time, the title, description and keywords are delivered to the robot. The keywords are used to enhance the better focus of the search process. The title appears on the first line of the search results and confirms - extends the search topic. The description appears in the following lines of the results and plays a role of direct calling - advertising of the company. Title, description, and keywords are parameterized by the company / dealership running the e-shop.

These methods have been proven in practice, where thousands of products are displayed in very favorable position in searches through all Search Engines. At ACT nonetheless, we never stop optimizing SEO techniques by learning from their results. And we never overlook the fact that the improvement of the user experience derives exactly from these techniques.


  • Through a series of strategic moves & partnerships, always backed by our strong technical expertise, we invested in the development of innovative software applications, exclusively tailored to the business requirements of the automotive market.

    The flexibility of our applications, combined with our consistency, reliability and experience, has led the majority of the largest companies in the Greek market, to have entrusted the organization of business in the ACT.

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